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Cobra Bag

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Golf Bag
Anna Nordqvist with new Cobra Bag...
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Technische Details

3744 × 5616 px
39,62 × 59,44 cm
240 / RGB


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PUMA Golf Bag ip0003de1sport series0001de1sport Alle Bilder Erweiterte Suche Saison 2011 Saison 2010 Image Bilder Golf Tasche Taschen Golf Bag Weiß Bunt Anna Nordqvist with new Cobra Bag


PUMA ist eines der weltweit führenden Sportlifestyle-Unternehmen, das Schuhe, Textilien und Accessoires designed und entwickelt.

PUMA setzt sich dafür ein, Kreativität zu fördern, umwelt- und sozialverträglich zu handeln und zum Frieden beizutragen. Gemäß ihren Unternehmensprinzipien fair, ehrlich und positiv zu sein, setzen sie ihre Produkte kreativ um.


PUMAVision [Fair, Honest, Positive, Creative]

At PUMA, we believe that our position as the creative leader in Sportlifestyle gives us the opportunity and the responsibility to contribute to a better world for the generations to come. A better world in our vision—PUMAVision—would be safer, more peaceful, and more creative than the world we know today. The 4Keys is the tool we have developed to help us stay true to PUMAVision, and we use it by constantly asking ourselves if we are being Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative in everything we do. We believe that by staying true to our values, inspiring the passion and talent of our people, working in sustainable, innovative ways, and doing our best to be Fair, Honest, Positive, and Creative, we will keep on making the products our customers love, and at the same time bring that vision of a better world a little closer every day.

Through the programs of (focusing on environmental and social issues), puma.peace (supporting global peace) and puma.creative (supporting artists and creative organizations), we are providing real and practical expressions of this vision and building for ourselves and our stakeholders, among other things, a more sustainable future.


Ferrari und PUMA verkünden weitere langfristige Partnerschaft

Maranello, Italien (8 Juni 2011) – Ferrari und PUMA gaben heute eine langfristige Verlängerung ihrer Partnerschaft bekannt. PUMA, die globale Sport-Lifestyle-Marke wird weiterhin der offizielle Lizenzpartner für Ferrari Markenprodukte und offizieller Ausrüster des Teams und der Bekleidung für den Scuderia Ferrari Motorsport sein. Aufgrund der sehr erfolgreiche 6-jährige Zusammenarbeit, werden die beiden Erfolgsunternehmen für einen langfristigen Zeitraum weiter zusammenarbeiten.



Maranello, Italy (8 June 2011) – Ferrari and PUMA today announced a long-term extension to their partnership. PUMA, the global sport-lifestyle brand will continue to be the official licensing partner for Ferrari branded products and the official supplier of team and race wear for Scuderia Ferrari. On the back of highly successful six year collaboration, this new agreement will see the two companies work together for a further long term period.

Through this extended partnership, PUMA will continue to develop Ferrari licensed footwear, apparel and accessories for global sales and distribution. As the Formula One race calendar is expanding into new markets, the global reputation and profile of the sport continues to grow, resulting in a projected increase in the sales performance of Ferrari licensed product worldwide. The partnership has become one of the most commercially valuable licensing relationships for both Puma and Ferrari, and the two companies have strengthened their relationship by developing a complete new collection which will be presented at the end of this year.

PUMA is the sport-lifestyle brand with the longest heritage in motorsport, and its development of fire retardant technology has revolutionized driver racewear by dramatically reducing weight while maintaining the optimal performance of safety and comfort. PUMA will continue to supply Scuderia Ferrari with the latest technological innovations in team and racewear, enabling Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa to compete for the coveted Drivers' and Constructors' Championships in one of the lightest and safest race suits in Formula One.

Luca di Montezemolo, Chairman of Ferrari S.p.A., said: "We have enjoyed a very successful relationship with PUMA over the past six years, and we are very happy that this will continue long term. Their commitment to product design, development and racewear technology is unrivalled in the industry, and they continue to impress us on all counts. Clearly licensed apparel and footwear is a key business area for us, and it could not be in better hands. We look forward to continue working with PUMA for many years to come."

Jochen Zeitz, Chairman and CEO of PUMA AG, said: "We are delighted to continue and deepen our partnership with Ferrari. To extend a relationship with the most prestigious brand in the automotive industry and the most popular and successful team in Formula One is of great benefit to us both commercially and reputationally. The Ferrari licensed product development we have undertaken so far has been very successful, and the plans we have for the coming years are equally exciting. They are an ideal motorsport partner for us in every respect."